Top 5 Tokyo Shopping Malls

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5) Omotesando Hills

Omotesando is a Tokyo neighborhood known for a little glitz and a lot of high quality merchandise. It is a great place for finding famous designer brands and some unique Japanese ones too. Not a place that is particularly kind to your wallet, but some deals can be found. Omotesando Hills packs in a ton of expensive brands into nicely spaced building. Winding floors make it easy to move up and window shop effectively.

4) Tokyo Solamachi

The Sky Tree is a popular destination for those visiting Tokyo and it also has a fantastic mall beneath its heights called Tokyo Solamachi. It not only features a wide assortment of shops and restaurants, but Tokyo Solamachi also has a planetarium and an aquarium. A whole day can be spent here. Perfect during the hot Summer months.


3) Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station is not a mall in the traditional sense, but it pretty much functions as one. A ton of stores and restaurants are packed into the station and its fame is well deserved. Also, ramen alley is located here and it is an essential destination if you have any affection for ramen.

2) KITTE Marunouchi

A classic building that used to be a massive post office back in the day, KITTE Marunouchi is mall with big charm. There are a number of cool shops with some really unique things that you are likely not going to find elsewhere. The old building has been converted beautifully. An awesome deck on the roof gives you an amazing look at Tokyo, which adds to KITTE’s magic.


1) Futakotamagawa Rise

Definitely the best mall in Tokyo. Futakotamagawa Rise was just fully realized in the Spring of 2015 and it is great. Located at Futakotamagawa station, which has the river running next to it, the same river that has a fantastic fireworks show during the Summer. Rise is full of all kinds of things, even a fancy movie theater that has IMAX. The design is so good. It is so nice be in a Tokyo mall that allows for wide spaces. You can walk around without feeling crowded, like most of the other malls.


Ryan’s Rant: My 2 Yen

Malls in Tokyo are extremely crowded during the holidays and weekends. Since space is scarce in the giant city, the malls are leveled up and the hallways tend to be narrow. When you go to your first mall in Japan it is kind of amusing to hear the store clerks saying “Irasshaimase!” over and over in a high voice, but let me tell you it gets old real quick. The word “Irasshaimase” is a formal greeting for customers, kind of like “welcome”. I will concur that Futakotamagawa’s mall is the best, because you can actually breathe and walk around without bumping into someone. My girlfriend used to drag me to the malls in Shinjuku almost every weekend and it wore on me. In the Summer you are smashed into small hallways with too many people and a lot of sweaty old guys make it almost unbearable.
– Ryan

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