Tokyo Beer Guide: Summer Session

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Tokyo’s beer culture is growing and with Summer beginning it’s a great time to check out a few places. Our Tokyo beer guide covers four spots that provide beer-lovers with delicious choices and cool ambiance.

Yanaka Beer Hall

Located close to Nezu Shrine (根津神社, Nezu-jinja) and in a neighborhood known for old buildings, Yanaka Beer Hall is a fantastic Summer hang out. Besides have tasty craft beer, Yanaka Beer Hall also has an awesome vibe and look. It’s part of the Atari spaces, which are essentially old Japanese houses that have neat cafes, shops, and the beer hall inside them. The outside space is pretty cool too. Definitely need to go here before more people find out about, because it will be popular.

BrewDog: Tokyo

BrewDog is known throughout the world, since they have a bunch of locations in various countries. Their TV presence has been preaching the beer gospel effectively and once you try their unique offerings you’ll believe. Don’t sleep on their food menu either, because the options go especially well with beer and their friendly English speaking staff is happy to recommend pairings.

Beer Garden: Tokyo Dome City

The Beer Gardern at Tokyo Dome City is a fun stop for grabbing a couple cold ones. It uses the amusement park and baseball stadiums surroundings well. A nice destination for a playful night on the town. The Dome City has a ton of activities to partake in and after you goof around on rides or catch a Giants game, the beer garden makes for a perfect night cap.

Craft Beer Market

The Craft Beer Market has four Tokyo locations. Craft Beer Market Jinbocho, Craft Beer Market Toranomon, Craft Beer Market Awaji-cho, and Craft Beer Market Mitsukoshimae give you plenty of options. Yummy beer to compliment some darn good food make this a must Summer spot. Hanging out and walking around are always fun at any Craft Beer Market location, but after a few pints you’ll be giddy like a school girl.

Ryan’s Rant: My 2 Yen

For a country that charges a fortune for Budweiser and one that also created the fake beer monstrosity known as Happoshu (発泡酒), recent craft beer trends have been very encouraging. If you don’t know what Happoshu is, then you are a lucky soul. Happoshu was designed to skirt alcohol taxes by being kind of like beer, but not not really beer and therefore exempt from the alcohol tax rules. I’m willing to bet the most ardent alcoholics would choose sobriety if their only option was Happoshu. Thankfully, the Japanese have stepped up their beer standards over the last couple years. More local brews are popping up and the people are finding out why beer is more than just a beverage. Summer is beer time, don’t miss out.
– Ryan


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