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A Japan Rail Pass is a great deal for non-residents (foreigners on a “temporary visitor” status). It can only be purchased outside of Japan. The pass allows you to travel on any of the JR trains, including the bullet trains (except Nozomi and Mizuho), as much as you like during the specified period. The price varies depending on the duration of your pass and your seat class.

Visit the official “JAPAN RAIL PASS” website for informations about the exact validity and services that can be used.


Riding on Flat Rate Buses

Type:Green (Superior Class)Ordinary
DurationAdult | ChildAdult | Child
7-day37,800 yen | 18,900 yen28,300 yen | 14,150 yen
14-day61,200 yen | 30,600 yen45,100 yen | 22,550 yen
21-day79,600 yen | 39,800 yen57,700 yen | 28,850 yen


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Railway (Shinkansen) map of Japan


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