Haneda Airport Restaurants: Top 5

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Haneda Airport restaurants are excellent and the airpot itself is much more convenient than Narita. Tokyo locals actually go to Haneda just to enjoy the food, even without travel plans, which is a testament to the restaurants’ quality. The international terminal is also well designed and kind of fun to hang out in. The international terminal food court is called Edomae Yokocho. It has a classic look and feel, meant to represent the Edo period. A very cool vibe for travelers to take in.

Also, Haneda’s food prices are basically the same as in the city, so that insane airport surcharge crap you see in most cities does not happen here. Here is our Top 5!

5) Yaki Niku Champion 焼肉チャンピオン 羽田店

Yaki niku is grilled meat. Grill the meat yourself at the table, something that adds a little entertainment to the meal. Good quality and not too pricey. Meat!!!

Website: Yaki Niku Champion

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4) Ginza Ogura おぐ羅 羽田空港店

Ginza Ogura is no nonsense Japanese fare. A perfect place if you want some unagi(eel).
Website: N/A

3) Rokurisha 六厘舎 羽田空港店

Eating a delicious bowl of ramen is wonderful before or after a long flight. Tsukemen is the ramen you dip in the concentrated broth. A real crowd pleaser at this restaurant!

Website: Rokurisha

2) Ramen Setagaya らーめん せたが屋

A popular ramen chain found in many places, but at an airport it somehow becomes special. Even better if you fly in during the winter months, warmth for your body and soul.
Website: Ramen Setagaya

1) Tsuru Tontan つるとんたん

Tsuru Tontan is very popular and therefore usually has a decent line. Waiting in line is less painful when you are already stuck at the airport. A great take on udon noodles with some pretty unique dishes. Refreshing and fantastic!

Website: Tsuru Tontan


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