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Buses in Japan have become convenient, now that you can use the PASMO or Suica card. Within Tokyo’s 23 wards, you can ride the green Toei busses. You can pay when you get on and the cost for your journey is 200 yen. If you pay with your PASMO or Suica card and change buses within 90 minutes from the time you boarded the first bus, the fare for the second bus will be 100 yen. The fare for the third bus will be 200 yen again, and 100 yen for the fourth bus.

Riding on Flat Rate Busses

Board from the front door and insert the fare into the machine next to the driver. Some machines automatically give change, however other machines will require you to make the change first using the same machine so that you can insert the correct amount. If in doubt, wait for the driver to show you. When you hear your stop announced, press the buzzer to notify the driver that you wish to get off.

Riding on Non-Flat Rate Busses

For buses in Japan outside of Tokyo’s 23 wards, the cost will depend on the distance travelled. When you get on the bus, you get a ticket from the machine and when you get off, you pay according to what the electronic chart says in accordance to your ticket.


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