Nomihoudai Japan: All-You-Can-Drink

Nomihoudai Japan Nomihoudai (飲み放題) at restaurants and izakaya (Japanese style pub) means all-you-can-drink and it’s surprisingly common in Japan. Tabehoudai (食べ放題) means all-you-can-eat and many restaurants offer both. Each establishment Continue Reading →


Nomihoudai Japanese Cheat Sheet

Nomihoudai Japanese Cheat Sheet: With Audio Nomihoudai (飲み放題) is “All-You-Can-Drink” and tabehoudai (食べ放題) is “All-You-Can-Eat”. In many Japanese cities both are popular, especially in Tokyo. Essentially, you pay a flat Continue Reading →


Sangenjaya: Tokyo Neighborhood Spotlight

Sangenjaya is an “under-the-radar” Tokyo neighborhood, filled with highly regarded restaurants and cool drinking spots. Part of Setagaya, Sangenjaya is somewhat of an upscale neighborhood that manages to minimize pretense. Continue Reading →