Top 5 Anime Series 2015 Season

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The Top 5 Anime Series 2015 are a mixed bag of genres and styles. Futures wrought with struggle is one common theme, although the takes on it are different. It is a strong year that likely has something for everyone, so check out our top 5!

5) JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders – Battle in Egypt

An apocalyptic world that is in constant battle is the setting. Jotaro and company have been traveling the world engaging in a bunch of those battles and now they are in Egypt. The Nine Egyptian Gods are servants of the evil Dio and our heroes must defeat them as they move toward Cairo. Insane action and violence that has a quirky style.

4) Doamaiger D

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Daijirou Kyougoku owns a snack shop that has been in the family for 15 generations in the historic city of Kyoto. In happenstance, Daijirou finds a giant mech robot in the shop’s basement around the same time a villainous group known as the Mekaijuu attack Kyoto. Can you guess what’s going to happen next? Cool retro style robot action that anime fans have loved for decades.

3) The Rolling Girls

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A future dystopia where Tokyo and Japan as we know it no longer exist. Instead, there are a bunch of fragmented little countries that are run by the super-powered people known as The Best. Functioning as a kind of Shogunate, The Best send a band of girls to monitor the battle ravaged area. Campy fun with girls on motorcycles in a dystopian future.

2) Kuroko’s Basketball 3

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It’s the semifinals of the Winter Cup and Seirin High School is in. After beating the most celebrated schools and players, Seirin is no longer an unknown underdog. How will they respond to being recognized as a legitimate threat? Drama between the guys gets heated and the game action is more intense as the stakes are high. No need to be a sports fan to dig the energy and human drama.

1) Death Parade

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Humans go to hell or heaven after death, but occasionally a few go to a strange bar called Queen Decim. At this bar the mysterious white-haired man known as Decim challenges these people to a Death Game. The game’s arbiter is Decim and ultimately one’s fate is up to him. What is this place really and what are Decim’s motives? Really bizarre premise, but super interesting and intense.



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