Soba Restaurants In Tokyo: Fantastic Four

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Soba noodles are a favorite in Tokyo, which goes all the way back to its Edo days. Buckwheat flour is the base for this nutritious noodle and its health benefits are pronounced. Packing a nutty flavor and great texture, soba is an excellent source for thiamin, lean protein, and manganese. During the Edo period (about 1603 to 1868), soba became very popular because of how healthy it was and the people of that era were dealing with malnourishment from poor diets. Soba’s health benefits do depend on how its prepared. Sticking a bunch of greasy tempura on top of it and you are counter acting most of the good things. Taken on its own as a hot or cold dish and all is well.

Here is a list of 4 fantastic soba restaurants in Tokyo area:

1) Dashin Soan (打心蕎庵)

Located near Shimokitazawa, Dashin Soan is like a zen experience. The restaurant’s outside waiting area is a nice Japanese garden and you get to view the other end of that garden while you eat inside.

2) Bakuzanbou (驀仙坊)

Right by the concrete river lined with cherry blossoms in Nakameguro, Bakuzanbou is a reasonably priced restaurant. Nakameguro is not known for having much that is reasonably priced, let alone a place as good as this.

3) Daian (手打そば大庵)

Just outside Shinjuku station, Daian is really affordable for lunch. Dinner is a little more expensive, but nothing crazy. Delicious and high quality!

4) Azumino (安曇野)

Azumino is in Sangenjaya, a Tokyo neighborhood that is full of excellent restaurants. Lunch specials are fairly priced and dinner is not expensive either. You get to watch the soba being made while eating, the chefs are behind a giant window. Super cool!

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