Kaiten-Zushi: Rotation Sushi of Love

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Kaiten-zushi (回転寿し) is the Japanese term for sushi restaurants that have a conveyer belt serving system. Ever popular in Japan and beyond, kaiten-zushi brings the cost of a sushi meal down considerably. Using plate counts as the method for charging, the restaurants either add up your stack or auto-count as you dispense them into a slot. Quality sushi can be found at many establishments and the novelty of the conveyer belt makes it fun for all ages.

There are chains that have touchscreen ordering, complete with toys rolling out for kids after a certain plate threshold is met. The sounds and visuals from the touchscreens at these places are often hilarious and super cute. Usually the chains with all the bells and whistles exist in the suburbs, as they cater to larger families. In Tokyo, a number of the large kaiten-zushi restaurants can be found in the burbs if you’re willing to take the train for 35-45 minutes away from the main stations like Shibuya and Shinjuku.

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Plates are colored for their price. For example, blue can mean the plate costs around 120¥ and a red plate might signify a high quality cut of tuna that costs 400¥. It varies at different places, but figuring it out is pretty easy. Rotating sushi is an excellent way to try new things. Numerous types of sushi you might not be familiar with will appear and you can easily grab it without having to look at a menu. Essentially, it’s a sushi love parade and everyone is invited.

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World sushi Shimokitazawa shop (天下寿司 下北沢店)

Nice little kaiten-zushi place in the middle of hipster haven Shimokitazawa. On the 1st floor.

Megumi Shibuya Hikarie Shop (恵み 渋谷ヒカリエ店)

This place is on the 6th floor in a busy building near Shibuya station.

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