Japanese Grammar Lesson 3: Intermediate

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Japanese Grammar Lesson 3: With Audio

A helpful guide for intermediate Japanese grammar. The MP3’s are downloadable and a PDF worksheet can be found Japanese Grammar – Intermediate Pt 3 if you want to practice offline. ないで(do not do), なければならない(have to; must; need), なくなる(not; anymore), なくて(do not do; is not), and にちがいない(there is no doubt that) are here with example phrases. Study the structure of the sentences and listen to the audio for pronunciation. Check out Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Japanese Restaurant Basics Cheat Sheet with audio, Japanese Phrases for Shopping: w/Audio, and the Japanese Language Overview for further help studying Japanese. Ask Questions in the comments section.

(do not do s.t. and; without doing–)

Please read it without using a dictionary.

(have to; must; need)

I have to get up at six tomorrow morning.

(not—any more)

I used to drink sake a lot, but now I don’t drink any more.

(do not do s.t. and–; is not –and–; because—do not do s.t.)

I couldn’t get up at six and was late for work (at my company).

(there is doubt that–; must be–; no doubt)

The two must (there is no doubt) now be enjoying swimming in Hawaii.

(decide on–; make it–)

I’ve decided on this apartment.

(the explanation is that–; the reason is that–; The fact is that –; It is that –)

Why don’t you drink sake?

(The reason is that) I’m still seventeen.


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