Green Tea Weight Loss Magic

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Japan is one of the world’s least obese nations and green tea is a huge factor. Green tea weight loss benefits stem from a few things, its powerful antioxidant EGCG and the ability to boost the metabolic rate. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is actually used in a lot of weight loss supplements, so drinking tea will give you the antioxidant naturally. In Asia, EGCG is touted for helping the digestion of greasy food and its ability to help lower cholesterol. EGCG is often marketed as something to take after a fried meal. In Japanese culture it is extremely common for families to have green tea after most meals, so the correlation seems obvious. Since green tea helps increase your metabolic rate, normal exercise can be more effective at burning fat if you drink it daily.

In addition to aiding in weight loss, there are many other important benefits that make green tea a no-brainer drink of choice for any health-conscious person.

    More Health Benefits:

  • Combats Allergies
  • Boosts Eyesight
  • Healthy Gums And Teeth
  • Cancer Prevention
  • UV Protection

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Green Tea Weight Loss Magic

Ryan’s Rant: My 2 Yen

Green tea is kind of an acquired taste. A lot of Western people find it to be bitter and tend to enjoy black tea or coffee instead. After living in Japan for a few years I began to slowly fall in love with green tea. I actually get green tea flavored desserts a lot now, because the taste has become such a mainstay in my daily life. Years ago I used to smoke cigarettes after every meal and when I quit smoking those after-meal moments were super difficult. Now I have switched habits and drink green tea after lunch and dinner. I find it to be a calming experience. Not to mention it has so many other health benefits.
– Ryan



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  • mark britton says:

    Where do you buy green tea in the US?

    • Matt Desmond says:

      Depending on where you are in the US the quality of the tea might not be what the Japanese are used to. Throughout the states oriental markets will have Chinese green tea. New York has a number of Japanese markets that are better for finding Japanese tea. So if you have a Japanese supermarket(rare outside the NY area) I would say go there, otherwise try ordering online. Most chain grocery stores have low quality tea.


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