Edo Wonderland Nikko: Back In Time

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Edo Wonderland Nikko

Nikko is a great city to visit while in Japan because of its beauty, famous hot springs, and historical sites. Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko also has an awesome destination in Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura. You are immediately transported back in time to the Edo Period upon entering the gates of Edo Wonderland. Noble men, geisha, and ninja roam freely throughout the streets giving a fun and interesting look into a by gone era of Japanese life. It is a must-see for families with children, since it makes history enjoyable beyond staring at old shrines.

Performances occur on the streets, in theaters, and inside classic dwellings. It’s not going to amuse in the way most amusement parks do, with thrill rides and costumed cartoon characters, but it does add a magical layer to a Nikko trip. The context of seeing the lavish Toshogu shrine is enhanced greatly by stepping into a replica town of that era complete with displays of its lifestyle and entertainment. Do you want to see ninjas fight? Who doesn’t. Watching a Courtesan Procession pass through the street like it would have over 100 years ago is super cool too. There is even a traditional comedy show that samurai and merchants laughed at in their time while they nursed their sake buzz.

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Back to those with children, or those who never grew up. How about letting your kids throw shuriken like a real ninja? Sound cool? You can shoot arrows and take a nice boat ride around the town. There is a lot of great things for everyone to do and have fun with. The best part is that there is also some learning and perspective being gained in the process. Edo Wonderland provides various “experience” events too. You can learn how to be a police officer from back-in-the-day or do ninja things like stealthily climbing a wall. It’s all cool and super enjoyable. Again, parents and kids alike will have a blast. Annual festivals occur during certain times of the year if you are interested. Check out the English website here.

The Wonders of Nikko

It would be negligent not to mention Nikko itself. Essentially, Nikko is amazing. If you are visiting or staying in Japan and you have not been to Nikko, then you are deprived. The hot springs and numerous ryokan(Japanese-style hotel) are so good! Are you into romance? Not too many trips for couples can be as relaxing and romantic. Especially if you find a place with your own private onsen. It is much better to be naked in a hot spring with your soulmate than being naked with strangers. Even if you get a private onsen, I do recommend going to the one opened to all guests. Why? Well, they are likely to have the best view. For example, chilling in a hot spring overlooking a magnificent river is not to be missed. If being naked with strangers(not coed by the way) is not appealing, just wake up early or do it in the middle of the night. From my experience you can have it to yourself if you time it out right. Ryokan food will blow you away too, delicious and beautiful.

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