Best Ramen In Tokyo: 5 Number 1’s

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The following list is not ranked in any order because all of these ramen restaurants are exceptional. Distinguishing which one is better than the other is too difficult when you are dealing with such quality. Any of these five could top the list, it would probably depend on your mood that day or what the weather was like. Check these spots out, total ramen heaven!

Maruyama 煮干鰮らーめん 圓

Always rated very high on Japanese lists of the best ramen in Tokyo, Maruyama delivers a light and complex ramen. An anchovy based broth with traditional ramen flavors like soy are produced to near perfection. Only a 5 minutes walk from JR Hachioji Station.

Address: Tokyo Hachioji Yokoyama-cho, 21-21

Ibuki 伊吹

Located next to a nice park, Ibuki is not easy to get to. In fact, the fact that it is so hard to get to and yet it is so well regarded speak to the quality. Chinese buckwheat noodles and anchovy broth with the usual ramen flavor. A great trek into Tokyo’s inside that is throughly rewarded by the ramen magicians working at this cozy spot. Slurp!!!
Address: Tokyo Itabashi Maeno-cho 4-58-10 tribute Park Mansion

Michi 道

Also kind of hard to get to, Michi is still worth the struggle. Noodle texture is mind blowing and the flavors mingle between sweet and spicy in a perfect balance. So good, you might try to find a capsule or love hotel nearby just to make the return trip more bearable. Tsukemen (つけ麺) is king here, so be ready to dip your noodles in the more concentrated broth instead of the noodles sitting in the broth like a soup.
Address: Tokyo Katsushika Kameari 5-28-17

Itou 一燈

Super, amazing, or fantastic, you can decide which heroic adjective captures the wonder of this tasy ramen shop. Itou’s salt (shio) ramen is what it’s all about. Light feeling, but somehow so full of flavor. Even your foodie friends will be happy, so much so that it could even lower their pretense; if only for moment.
Address: Tokyo Katsushika Higashishinkoiwa 1-4-17

Kanatashouten 田中商店

Plenty of sesame and some good use of vinegar add to a creative ramen at Kanatashouten. This is working class food at its best, high caliber flavor and quality while being low class in price and feel. Yuzu pepper is a thing, a wonderful and enlightening thing. Seriously, don’t miss out on this place, it’s a spiritual experience in ramen love.
Address: Tokyo Adachi-ku Hitotsuya 2-14-6



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